Amos' Wedding

Wed. Dec. 25th, 1935.

                      "AMOS AND ANDY"
                     Correll & Gosden
                     Episode No. 2225

      The following conversation between Amos and 
      Andy took place in the little room near the 
            altar, but was not broadcast. 

Amos---De only thing now, Andy, is de ring. Don't lose 

Andy---(nervous) Whut did I do wid it? 

Amos---Yo' got it in yo' left vest pocket dere. 

Andy---I betteh put it in my right vest pocket. 

Amos---Well, just remember where yo' put it, will yo'? 
       I'se so nervous I don't know whut to do. 

Andy---I'se standin' up heah shakin' like a leaf. Whut 
       do we do next? 

Amos---We do just like de REhearsal was---soon as we 
       hear de organ start playin' de Weddin' March, we 
       go out dis door, an' walk up to de altar. 

Andy---I'se so nervous, I don't think I kin make it---
       anybody would think I was gittin' married. 

Amos---Yo' know Andy, I done had a lot o' things happen 
       to me in my life, but I never thought dat I'd be 
       lucky enough to have a thing like dis happen to 
       me. I'se so happy I can't he'p but cry. 

Andy---Did I give you de ring? 

Amos---No, yo' got it in yo' pocket dere somewhere. 

Andy---Oh, me. Dis job o' bein' de best man is worse dan 
       bein' de groom. 

Amos---Stick wid me now, Andy--I'se nervous myself. 

Andy---Son, lemme put my hand 'round your shouldeh. I 
       wanna tell yo' dat I know whut all dis means to 
       you, an' I want you to know dat I'se happy cause 
       I know you is happy.

Amos---Thank yo' Andy. An' after me an' Ruby is married, 
       me an' you will still be de same good friends, 
       an' we'll always be as close to each other as 
       we'se ever been.

Andy---I know it, Amos. 

Amos---(excited) Wait a minute, I hear de music. (Open-
       ing door to church) Come on! 

Andy---(nervous) Wait a minute---WHERE'S DE RING?

Amos---Come on, Andy. Come on! 

                (BROADCAST BEGAN HERE) 

Tonight the wedding of Ruby Taylor and Amos Jones is 
taking place. They have selected December the 25th, 
Christmas night, as their wedding day. The scene is in 
a small church in Harlem. The hour of the wedding is 
almost here. The church is beautifully decorated with 
flowers and ferns, and the guests have all arrived. In 
the very front row we find the Kingfish and his wife 
seated next to Brother Crawford and his wife. In a 
little room just to the left of the altar, Amos and his 
best man, Andy, are nervously awaiting the strains of 
the wedding march. 

In the rear of the church, Ruby Taylor, her father, 
Madame Queen, her matron of honor, are also waiting to 
start their march to the altar. As the scene opens now 
we find the crowded church very excited just before the 
ceremonies start. Here they are:--

    (Mumbling of voices) 

    (Organ music starts introduction of "I Love You 

    (At start of organ music, voices fade out) 

    (Quartette sings "I Love You Truly) 

    (At finish of song, organ modulates immediately 
     into "Lohengrin's Wedding March") 

Kingfish---(soft) Look Brother Crawford, dere comes 
           Amos an' Andy out de door over dere on de 

Bro. Crawford---And here comes Ruby down the aisle look-
                ing sweeter than I've ever seen her be-

Mrs. Crawford---Shut up. 

Bro. Crawford---Yes, dear. 


Kingfish---(very soft) Andy is shakin' more dan Amos. 

    (Organ stops after once through) 

Preacher---We are here gathered to unite this man and 
           this woman in marriage, which is an institu-
           tion ordained of nature in the very laws of 
           our being for the happiness and welfare of 
           mankind. To be true, this outward ceremony 
           must be but a symbol of that which is inner 
           and real. Marriage is not meant for happi-
           ness alone, but for the discipline and devel-
           opment of character. To this end there must 
           be a consecration of each to the other, and 
           of both to the noblest purposes of life. If 
           there be any here present who knows any just 
           cause why they may not lawfully be joined in 
           marriage, I require him now to make it known, 
           or ever after to hold his peace. 

    (Three-second pause) 

Preacher---(continues) Will you, Amos, take this woman, 
           Ruby, to be your wedded wife, to live to-
           gether after the ordinance of marriage? 
           Will you love her, comfort her, honor and 
           keep her, in sickness and in health, in 
           prosperity and adversity, so long as you 
           both shall live? 

Amos-------I will. 

Preacher---Will you, Ruby, take this man, Amos, to be 
           your wedded huband, to live together after 
           the ordinance of marriage? Will you love 
           him, comfort him, honor him, and keep him 
           in sickness and in health, in prosperity 
           and adversity so long as you both shall 

Ruby-------I will. 

Preacher---Who giveth this woman to be married to this 

Ruby's Father---I do. 

Preacher---What pledge do you offer that you will ful-
           fill these vows? 
           (softly to Amos) The ring. 

Amos-------(to Andy) (soft) Andy, gimme de ring.

Andy-------Yeh---(nervous) Wait a minute---I had it in 
           heah---oh, heah 'tis. 

Preacher---What pledge do you offer that you will ful-
           fill these vows? 

Amos-------(to Preacher) Dis ring. 

Preacher---Do you, Ruby, accept this token of the same? 

Ruby-------I do. 

Preacher---You will then, Amos, place it on the fourth 
           finger of the left hand. You will now join 
           right hands. These two persons having 
           solemnly promised to live together in mar-
           riage according to the laws of the land, and 
           having declared the same by joining their 
           right hands, and by the giving and receiving 
           of the marriage ring, I, by virtue of author-
           ity vested in me by the State, and in the 
           name of our Father in Heaven, pronounce them 
           husband and wife. And whom Love hath joined 
           together let no man put asunder. (To Amos 
           and Ruby, soft) Will you please kneel? 

Preacher---Let us pray. Our Heavenly Father, who hath 
           put it into the hearts of these Thy servants 
           to live together in holy wedlock, grant unto 
           them, we pray, Thy continual protection and 
           defense. Help them to fulfill their solemn 
           vows, and to live together in holiness, in 
           mutual love, and in the ways of Thy command-
           ments. Bless them, we beseech Thee, that not 
           in word only, or in outward form, they may be 
           united, but by Thy presence in their hearts 
           they may be made one spirit in Thee. Amen. 
           (To Ruby and Amos softly) Please stand. 

Preacher---And so, my children, you have been united in 
           Holy Matrimony on Christmas Day in this Holy 
           Temple. Here before your friends you have 
           each taken your vow. May the gates of Happi-
           ness open wide before you both, and may the 
           path of love await you wherever you may go. 
           Remember that love turns all thorns into 
           roses, and you will find that every cloud will 
           reveal the splendor of Heaven. May your 
           days be long and full of beauty, and may your 
           strength be sufficient for your tasks. And 
           my children, may love guard you without and 
           within from this sacred day forth forever-
           more. Amen. 

Preacher---You may kiss the bride. 

Amos-------(soft) Thank yo' sir. Come heah darlin'. 

           (Mumbling starts) 

Andy-------Git away from dere Amos---don't take all 
           night---yo' know, I kisses her next. 

           (Mumbling louder) 

           (Organ music starts with mumbling in back-

           (All fade out) 

Speaking for those who may be listening, Amos, may I 
congratulate you? And to you Ruby, may I wish happiness? 

           (Organ music plays Christmas carols.)